In 2000, a new millennium of our Lord emerged onto a flock of believers in Meridian, Mississippi. They realized that they could no longer quench their spiritual thirst by worshipping in an oppressed atmosphere beholden to a traditional and religious dogma. They had no leader. They had no church. They had no name. But they did know God and were desperate for religious FREEDOM.

Resurrection Sunday, the first unofficial service, was held at Bonita Lakes. The service carried significant meaning, as it was emblematic in what was vital to their spiritual growth and FREEDOM to worship. It also confirmed that the church manifested in them and not within a building, symbolic of a divine movement truly inspired by God. Though not in the physical, the people now had spiritual Church.

In mid-April, the people requested Reverend Billy Russell to give their first message. On April 30, the church’s first service was held at the Boys and Girls Club. Reverend Russell’s message was delivered from I Corinthians 1: 8-10. When he approached the pulpit he joyfully proclaimed, I am FREE!”, and the spiritual life of the church immediately spawned wings with its newfound identity. Heeding the call of the people and under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Reverend Russell graciously and with great humility accepted leadership for the ministry and FREEDOM was spoken and confirmed into the spirit of God’s people. The people now had a church with a Leader.

In just six months, Reverend Russell received the Word from God that he had gone as far as the Lord would allow him. According to Rev. Russell, the appointment of his successor was to be expedient. It was direct and consecrated for a young “Joshua” the minister of music, Minister Craig Tucker.

After the congregation received Reverend Tucker’s first message on November 5, 2000 entitled “Nothing but a Praise,” it was confirmation that he would embrace a ministry with a vision of FREEDOM as “A Real Church Sharing A Real Gospel with A Real World.” Sensing the spiritual progressive movement of the church, Minister Tucker gave life to the name of church as FREEDOM ROCK CATHEDRAL and for the next decade empowered and armed his flock with the pure Word of God. The people and their Leader now had a church with a Name.

In March 2011, great became even greater. Sensing the close of his journey, Reverend Tucker passed on the Torch of Enlightment to then Elder LaBaron Hedgemon as the spiritual overseer of the church. Humbled by the appointment, Elder Hedgemon moved swiftly with his vision to transition FREEDOM ROCK from merely a church to “a progressive and innovative Spiritual Corporation that breathes empowerment in Word, Spirit, and Service, becoming a place and a people that links FREEDOM with DESTINY.” The people now had a 21st Century Vision.

The rest is history and FREEDOM ROCK CATHEDRAL has now become the future.

And what the future holds. . .

5718 5th Street
Meridian, MS 39307

PH: (601) 693-0502 ext. 222 | FX: (601) 484-4400 | EM: FreedomRock@FRCFC.org

Sunday Worship Services: 9:45 am
Mid-week Worship & Bible Study (Hour Of Power): 6:30 - 7:30 pm

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